Design strategist at large

When a project calls for it, Turnstone joins forces with other highly regarded design innovators and creative studios like Pentagram, Hyperakt Design, Openbox and Control Group, to advise on client-facing and internal projects. As design strategist at large, Turnstone regularly contributes brand, user experience and wayfinding strategy for clients, to support the teams that later implement those strategies creatively, and travels domestically and internationally to meet clients or visit project sites.

Pitches, creative strategy, brand playbooks

Between 2011-2014, Turnstone worked alongside several of the partners of Pentagram Design, primarily Michael Bierut, Eddie Opara, Emily Oberman and Natasha Jen, and their respective teams, on projects in higher education, public policy, banking and finance, disruptive technology, media, international real estate and other sectors.

Turnstone has also consulted to Control Group, Grimshaw Architects, Hyperakt Design and Openbox on various mission-critical assignments.

User experience and digital strategy

Though many projects remain in progress and/or client confidential, others are live, like web sites for Krista Tippett’s On Being, for the National Multi-family Housing Council, for Blue Wolf Capital (each under Emily Oberman at Pentagram), and for Hyperakt, shown here.





NMHC's web site: Before
NMHC's web site: After

Project details

Client Pentagram (various partners)
Control Group
Pentagram clients Blue Wolf Capital
National Multi-family Housing Council
On Being
Turnstone's roles (all clients) Brand, digital, UX, wayfinding strategy, design
Years 2011-14

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