Turnstone Consulting LLC
New York, NY
+1 646 416 6467 (Eastern time)

Terms of service:

In accordance with Freelancers Union guidelines, and for every project, Turnstone Consulting LLC (Turnstone, TC, the Consultant) works with Clients at the outset of an engagement to ensure the scope of work and payment terms are clearly stated and mutually agreed. By engaging TC, our Clients agree that all TC projects – long-term, phased engagements, short notice, fast turnaround assignments, alike – are subject to the following basic, reasonable terms of service, whether or not the Client provides their own contract of service:

Turnstone works per project, according to a scope of work established by written agreement, whether by co-signed letter of agreement initiated by Client or Consultant or simply in writing by email exchange.

In all circumstances, the Client agrees to pay all fees invoiced by TC by check within 14 days of receipt of the Consultant’s invoice(s) or, if agreed in writing before the work commences, within 30 days and/or by electronic transfer. In all instances, by engaging Turnstone , the Client agrees that payment to the Consultant is not contingent on the Client collecting funds from any third parties, and late payment is subject to an additional fee of 2% per 30 days past the agreed due date. For further terms of service, please email info@turnstoneconsulting.com


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