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Walk NYC wins a D&AD Pencil

D&AD has awarded Pentacity Group a prestigious Pencil for its work on Walk NYC.
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Norwegian Coffee Talk with Turnstone

Bekk Consulting‘s Lars Baek interviewed Rachel Abrams about “Let’s Get To Work”, Turnstone’s film on the future of work for the Open Society Foundations: “Approached to participate in an inquiry…
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Interaction keynote: Google’s Matt Jones name-checks Turnstone

In Jumping to the End, Google Creative Lab’s Matt Jones’ keynote at Interaction15, the ex-BERG-er references Turnstone’s animated short film on the future of work “at the intersection of service…
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In dialogue with IDEO’s Tim Brown, Core77’s Allan Chochinov cites Turnstone

In this fascinating keynote at Interaction 2015, a conversation between Core 77’s Allan Chochinov and IDEO CEO Tim Brown, Allan raises the question of designers’ roles in shaping policy, against…
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Visible, Legible, Navigable: The AIGA Design/Relief documentary

AIGA New York’s evocative short film about its 2013-14 Design/Relief initiative, was released in February 2015. The program connected AIGA designers with the communities of Red Hook in Brooklyn, Rockaway in…
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Designer of the Week: Rachel Abrams

Print magazine’s profile of Rachel Abrams, a survey of Turnstone’s major projects and approach to design strategy.
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Visualizing New York’s Transit Data: Grand Central Station

SVA IXD reviews the SVA IXD x MTA student work of Effy Zhang, Mike Chen and Nga Nguyen, three students in Turnstone’s data visualization workshop. One of 5 teams, they…
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A New Wayfinding System Brings Maps To New York’s Pedestrians

An early review of PentaCityGroup’s pedestrian wayfinding signage system for the Department of Transportation: “WalkNYC’s maps show you where you are and how long it will take to get where…

Talk Business 360

Talk Business 360, a show on the American Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system, interviewed Turnstone about live drawing and visual storytelling for business. The three-minute segment was on air/up in the…