For two weeks in January 2022, the work of Turnstone’s sister project, Soundpapered, appeared on LinkNYC kiosks, New York’s citywide digital media network. Contributing to Intersection’s flourishing Art On Link public art program, a suite of iconic Soundpapered images appeared on sidewalks across the boroughs.

Selected from Soundpapered’s long-running live drawing/live music project, and featuring well-known musicians, the display of these pictures was originally scheduled to coincide with New York’s annual Winter Jazz Festival.

When Omicron kept crowds out of venues for another winter, the festival went online but this Art on Link series still went live on city streets. Instead of an invitation back into the crowd, the “New York City 9(pm) to 5(am)” project tagline became a reminder to passers by that they’d be welcomed back again, that nightlife would be back as soon as Covid exited stage left.

Outdoor media distributor, Intersection, runs these Link NYC kiosks, originally installed to replace phone booths around town. These kiosks were installed to make use of the cabling infrastructure left behind and generate revenue from advertising when the city’s payphones were decommissioned.The last public payphone was removed from city streets in May 2022. Ask Turnstone for separate guidance on urban resilience strategies…and follow Soundpapered on Instagram here.