A joy to learn from the pros in graphic facilitation, Scriberia, and a network of other amazing participants, on a six-week visual thinking diploma course this winter. Part refresher, sharpening Sharpies, part return to humbling fundamentals, and an extension of those skills to work on screen in this period of hybrid in-person/remote gatherings.

Results? The iPad Pro is back in action, live composition on the fly is less daunting, and lettering a serif closer to the wondrous calligraphy of Seb Lester (one can dream…). Read more about bringing Turnstone live drawing into your next meeting/conference/workshop.

So, thanks to friend and Scriberia instructor, Cathy Haynes, who declared on day 1 that *everyone* can draw, just like everyone can *sing*. Some better than others, some with real flair; by the time we’re old enough to tie our shoelaces, we’ve already decided who’s ‘good at art’ and everyone else stops communicating visually. Graphic facilitators can help overcome that.

Related, here’s Kelvy Bird, in Generative Scribing, describing what it’s like out there on the floor.

“When I scribe, on the best days, I connect with a zone. I call this a reciprocal zone because it’s not only about how i relate to threads of understanding; it is also about the inescapable web of gesture and impact in which I find myself.

My mind, heart, hand, the drawing surface, the markers, the people behind me and around me, the bounds of the room, the building, all of the people supporting what is happening in the room, people who have come before and fueled the current thinking, people who will carry forward today’s ideas, the system(s) beyond the walls that the group is part of are all threads in this web.”