In-house and in collaboration, Turnstone completes projects with a network of collaborators: designers, technologists, social innovators, creative agencies and individuals. Work featured here highlights where Turnstone – as visual storyteller, creative placemaker and design strategist – has significant impact, transforming business, public space, and civil society.

Turnstone makes places meaningful to people: By developing a museum identity, site-specific or citywide wayfinding signage systems, revitalizing a world-class tourist destination, activating nightlife, inspiring design responses to urban disaster, and rethinking mass transit services, Turnstone articulates the potential as actual for public and commercial spaces, shaping better experiences of the built environment for everyone.
Turnstone sets direction for design interventions in key industries, municipal, media, culture, retail, technology, financial services, and other sectors: By interpreting business requirements fit for a creative brief, gathering research insights, recommending the right team, tools, methods and approach, Turnstone treats design as a verb, defining success criteria at the outset of a project to deliver effective outcomes.
Turnstone recognizes the value of visual communication in business, politics as well as in the arts: By drawing as a graphic facilitator, by listening actively and charting complexity in simple pictures, through film, animation and live illustration, Turnstone gives form to narrative, telling stories that ensure that executives, leaders and other creatives get the right message in the right medium.